Sleep Apnea Solutions

Customized Plans for Better Breathing - and Better Rest

If left untreated, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can significantly impact your health and quality of life through lack of sleep. Our team of therapists, dentists, and physicians work closely to craft personalized solution plans tailored to your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Primary Treatment Options

Depending on your needs, we may recommend oral appliances, upper airway surgery, or a combination approach. Our experts help determine the most effective treatment option for your condition.
Closeup of middle aged woman with blonde hair, laying on her stomach, resting her head on her pillow with her eyes open looking very tired, as if it's been a long night & she hasn't been able to sleep.
Middle aged woman with blonde hair relaxing, smiling in her living room, on her couch, as she looks out her window at the sunset with her hands nicely folded & rested gently behind her head. As if she's just had a great day.

Oral Appliance  Therapy Plans

Custom-made oral appliances are fitted by our dentists to hold the lower jaw slightly forward and prevent airway collapse. Follow-up visits ensure proper fit and make adjustments as needed.

Progress Monitoring

Through follow-up visits, remote monitoring, and sleep testing, we track your progress, and response to therapy and make personalized adjustments over time for long-term success in managing OSA.

Our collaborative team works with you to design customized, comprehensive plans addressing OSA through a variety of therapeutic pathways. Let’s work together towards eliminating your symptoms and restoring restorative rest.

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