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**A Rest for the Weary: Our Mission to Conquer Sleeplessness**

Zzz…Welcome to Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada! If you’re visiting our site through bleary eyes in the dead of night, you’ve come to the right place. While others slumber, we’re tirelessly working to spread more shuteye around the Silver State.

Our team of specialists practically breathes sleep – we think about it, research it, and devise solutions for it 24/7. Why? Because we’ve all either struggled with sleep woes ourselves or seen the devastation of DISRUPTED SNOOZE firsthand in friends and family.

Nothing saddens us more than hearing “I’m so tired, but I just CAN’T fall asleep!” week after week. We know the exhaustion, frustration, and potential health risks of long-term sleep deprivation all too well. It simply has to stop.

That’s why we joined forces, rolled up our pajama sleeves, and got to work developing a comprehensive range of services focused squarely on ZZZs. Through therapy, education, innovation, and most of all EMPATHY, our goal is ensuring ALL Nevadans get the gifted beauty rest they so deserve!

**A Sleepless Servant to the Community**

While others rest, you’ll find us burning midnight oil staying abreast of the latest breakthroughs. We attend constant seminars to expand our expertise in conditions like apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, and more.

Our friendly staff also dedicates evenings and weekends to public seminars, spreading slumber savoir-faire throughout Las Vegas. No topic is too obscure if it means one more person can catch some winks!

We gratefully accept all major insurance though NO sleeper gets left behind due to lack of coverage. Payment plans get EVEN the most cost-conscious citizens the Zs they need to thrive.

**A Personal Touch Makes All the Difference**

Mass sleep clinics just won’t do – we believe customized care is key. Each patient works closely with their sleep guide, building trust to address underlying ROOT causes instead of just symptoms.

Through monitoring, lifestyle changes, and tailored remedies, WE’RE in this together with YOU every step of the way. Nods and naps don’t happen overnight; having compassionate allies makes battling sleeplessness feel less lonely.

So if the sandman seems to be ignoring YOUR pleas for prayers, come share your story with us. We’ll listen with empathy, understanding how shut-eye struggles feel from the inside. Then let our wealth of wisdom help put YOUR mind at ease so you can drift off once more with ease.

It’s our mission to give every Nevadan who walks through our doors the GIFT of a good night’s slumber. With your trust in us and determination, together we’ll help you get the ZZZs you so richly deserve! Sweet dreams – we’ll be here keeping an eye out for your well-rested return.

Here is more on our Founder and Sleep Visionary Dr Gil Suarez!

Closeup of Dr. Gil Suarez, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment Doctor in Las Vegas, NV.

Rise and Shine with Dr. Gil Suarez

While others may hit snooze, our founder and Sleep Visionary Dr. Gil Suarez has been awake since the crack of dawn. Not because he’s an early bird, but because he’s constantly dreaming up new ways to help Las Vegans catch more zzz’s!

A Reno native, Dr. Suarez has Nevada sleep in his DNA. He juggled dental studies and a fierce tennis career at UNR, earning his enthusiastic application as a lifelong Rebel. Dr. Suarez then headed to Baltimore for oral medicine training, perfecting his pearly white smile skills alongside the legendary Dr. Krolls.


Since returning to Sin City in 1994, Dr. Suarez has kept late nights as he built his practice from the ground up. Between filling cavities and fitting night guards, he stayed tapped into the latest sleep science breakthroughs. Now in his silver years of practice, Dr. Suarez’ tired eyes have seen it all – from secret naps in the staff lounge to patients’ sleepless struggles.

This fueled his mission to create Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada, Las Vegas’ only clinic giving Zzz’s its due. As Medical Director, Dr. Suarez leaves no yawn unanswered in coordinating patients’ multi-disciplinary care. He proudly keeps Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada at the forefront of industry innovations so clients sleep soundly.

When not monitoring apnea or motoring between medical meetings, you’ll find this eternal night owl skiing black diamonds, flexing with kettlebells in yoga-esque poses, or cheering his athletically-inclined kiddos Sofia and Nico to victory. Dr. Suarez works hard and plays even harder, always keeping sleep health top of mind.

So whether it’s your first visit or follow-up, expect Dr. Suarez’s legendary wit and passion for rested residents to reinvigorate your nighttime routine. Under his leadership, Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada ensures Las Vegas enjoys stress-free slumber for years to come

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