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We understand medical costs can add up which is why we have partnered with Care Credit to help ease those costs. In the event insurance doesn’t cover your oral appliance, you can apply for Care Credit or use your Care Credit card.

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Peace of Mind for Your path to Peaceful Sleep

We’re committed to helping everyone in the Las Vegas community access the treatment needed to address sleep issues and restore restorative rest. While insurance coverage varies, there are affordable options available.  

Some health plans recognize sleep therapy as a medical necessity for managing underlying conditions. Our experienced billing team evaluates each case to maximize in-network benefits and verify coverage. For applied costs, we accept flexible payment methods including extended plans to keep your investment reasonable.

Should full coverage not be available, CareCredit special financing may provide an alternative. Approved applicants can use their dedicated card to pay over time at low or no interest. This option spreads payments comfortably to ease large upfront expenses. 

Our priority remains getting you the solutions needed to improve overall health through better sleep, without stress over steep costs. Confidential financial advisors are here to analyze the most suitable assistance programs tailored for your personal budget and peace of mind. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.         

Together we’ll find an affordable pathway and customized treatment plan tailored for your symptoms and lifestyle so restoring restful nights is achievable without undue financial burden. Comfort starts with more than just your sleep – contact us today.

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