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Finding Your Fit with Prosomnus Oral Appliances

As the exclusive provider of Prosomnus oral devices in Las Vegas, we are committed to offering the most advanced custom-made appliances for treating sleep-disordered breathing. Developed by dentist researchers, Prosomnus designs undergo rigorous clinical testing and are backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies.

After thoroughly analyzing your dental impression and symptoms, Dr. Suarez and our team will select the best Prosomnus option. These FDA-cleared appliances are specially fabricated to suit your unique oral structure and provide just the right amount of jaw positioning for restful sleep. 

Closeup of right hand, holding up a clear obstructive sleep apnea mouthguard in the air, from the front.
Closeup of woman smiling as she adjusts her sleep apnea mouthguard.
Closeup of an extended right hand, holding a clear obstructive sleep apnea mouthguard.
Closeup of a ProSomnus brand obsctructive sleep apnea mouthguard, sitting on a display.
Closeup of a clear sleep apnea mouthguard from the side.
Closeup of a clear sleep apnea mouthguard from the front, right side.

Prosomnus MAS

Indicated for moderate apnea, the MAS gently holds the lower jaw forward to keep the airway open all night. Adjustments can be made to find the optimal mandibular protrusion.

Prosomnus TAP II

As the gold standard for moderate-severe apnea, the dual-arch TAP II combines a tongue-restraining component with lower jaw advancement for maximum breathability. 

Prosomnus Herbst

Reserved for severe cases, the fixed-position Herbst appliance delivers the benefits of prosthodontic joint replacement surgery without going under the knife. 

Compliance monitoring and follow-ups ensure your Prosomnus appliance continues to efficiently treat your airway disorder through long-term comfort and effectiveness. With superior materials, engineering, and dental expertise, our patients find profound relief.

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