Yoga for Sleep Using Gentle Poses to Unwind Body and Mind

As sleep specialists, we know stress and tension disrupt circadian health according to our expertise at Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada. Yoga uniquely prepares minds and muscles for deep rest through mind-body integration and range-of-motion exercises according to research. Give this soothing practice a try before bedtime.

You will need to convince yourself about a specific intention before you begin, such as releasing worries or relaxing a specific strainful area.

Light some candles or incense if desired, playing calming instrumental music setting a mellow mood. Take 5 deep breaths centering your focus inward while easing muscles.

The child’s pose stretches the spine and hips gently releasing low back tension and restricting rest. Sink hips toward heels holding for 1-2 minutes breathing deeply. Seated forward folds de-stress legs and hamstrings. Inhale lift chest forward, exhaling folding over legs for 1-2 minutes.

A woman sleeping with an eye mask

Seated spinal twists wring out tension in the spine. Cross right leg over left, place left hand behind you twisting right glancing soothingly over left shoulder. Hold 30-60 seconds switching sides.

Cat-cow motions massage the back on the inhale arching up, exhaling curling the spine down.

Floor-based poses require comfort in doing so. Lay on your back for a happy baby, grasping feet bringing knees toward armpits loosening hips. For legs up the wall, lay with hips near a wall lifting legs straight up it. Place bolsters under the knees for supported relaxation.

Corpse pose relaxes the entire nervous system letting go of controls and constraints. Place arms at sides, palms up, feet falling outward, legs uncrossed closing eyes. Set the timer for 5-10 minutes just breathing, releasing bodily grip. This allows deep restoration of parasympathetic responses according to studies.

Finish with breathing exercises like alternate-nostril breathing rebalancing hemispheres or ujjayi breath consciously relaxing the entire respiratory system. Visualize yourself drifting in peaceful slumber. Enjoy how yoga’s soothing sequences unwind you for restorative rest each night!

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