Tips for Shifting Work Hours & Adapting Your Body Clock Rhythms

As sleep specialists, we understand non-traditional work schedules pose circadian challenges to adjusting your body clocks, at Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada.

However, planning lifestyle adjustments gradually prepares the 24-hour biological timekeeper known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) for reshifting according to research.

Begin preparations for early or late shifts 2-4 weeks in advance by exposing yourself to natural morning or evening daylight to gently cue the SCN.

Adjust any screen time minimization closer to your new bedtime avoiding blue light’s stimulating effects on the brain according to experts. Gentle exercise also entrains circadian rhythms when timed appropriately.

Pay attention to hydration which prevents exacerbated jet lag symptoms. Sip calming herbal teas throughout the day and evening rather than liquids containing caffeine too close to bed which disrupts sleep onset.

Meal plans become especially important, as gut health regulates circadian signaling – consider bone broths and grounding foods.

familiar comforting scents bring reassurance to different schedules. Lavender and chamomile essential oils calm the mind and body for rest according to studies.

Journaling helps process transitions while music playlists suit each time frame aiding relaxation or focus. dark therapy glasses block disruptive light improving rest for commuters.

Strictly following the desired sleep-wake cycles prevents backsliding to previous routines. Exposure to natural daylight cues the SCN upon waking and avoiding screens or stimulating activities close to your new bedtime regardless of fatigue helps your rhythms. Napping must also comply with the goal schedule to avoid circadian confusion.

Gradually shift mealtimes and activities 30 minutes earlier or later every few days to resync the SCN gently without shock compared to abrupt changes according to specialists.

Consistency is key to circadian adaptation so plan for support systems if needed on shift rotations. With practice shifting routines becomes less disruptive to focus and health long term.

The body’s innate 24-hour timekeeper thrives on predictability which these holistic adjustments provide. Contact us and together we carefully craft personalized rhythmic living tips that optimize performance and well-being in all work-life scenarios. The healthiest adjustment happens gradually over weeks – you’ve got this!

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