The Fitting Process & What to Expect with Oral Appliance Therapy

Getting fitted for a custom oral appliance can seem daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the process. As the experts in oral therapy, Snoring & Sleep Solutions of Nevada would like for you to feel informed and at ease.

Dental Impressions  

Our first step is taking impressions of your teeth and bite using painless molding material. This captures the precise contours of your jaws and dental anatomy.

Digital Modeling

Our lab then uses your impressions to 3D-model your unique dental topography on a computer for a customized design.

Appliance Selection

Based on your airway assessment, we’ll choose the best-fitted Prosomnus device type – usually a mandibular repositioning splint. 

Fitting Appointment

At your first fitting, we’ll check the device contours and adjust as needed before recommending test use. You’ll practice insertion/removal.

Titration Visits  

Return appointments allow us to fine-tune the jaw positioning for optimal airway patency based on your comfort level and efficacy readings.

Ongoing Treatment

Regular check-ins ensure long-term comfort and tracking of treatment success to address any new concerns. Adjustments extend device life.

Take-Home Tips

Expect a 1-2 week adjustment period as your mouth adapts. Contact us right away if you experience irritation so we can refine the fit.

With a personalized, precise fit tailored just for you through this process, oral appliances can effectively resolve your sleep apnea in a non-invasive way. Let us know if you have any other questions!

A young woman sleeping on the bed and seems happy

For balancing peak performance throughout busy days, experts recommend planning strategic napping windows aligned with individual circadian cycles. Most benefit from snoozes scheduled 2-4 pm to capitalize when natural alertness temporarily dips. Set a 20-minute maximum to avoid excessive afternoon GRO sleep or disrupted nighttime rest. 

Proper napping environments free from blue light stimulation and noise optimize restorative benefits. Blackout curtains, eye masks, and sound machines help relaxation take hold rapidly versus distraction prolonging the snooze. A calm mind-body also prevents oversleeping durations risking grogginess upon waking versus restored clarity.

With strategic planning utilizing science-backed techniques, afternoon naps need not detract from later bedtime slumber or productivity. Instead, brief bouts of well-timed rest inject energy optimizing focus hours to come. For powering through demanding days, a little discipline tweaking snoozes extends their benefits exponentially.

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