Suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)? Try Oral Appliance Therapy for Effective Management

Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada provides oral appliance therapy to effectively manage your condition and alleviate its symptoms.

As someone who experiences OSA himself, Dr. Gill Suarez understands the struggle of living with this chronic sleep disorder all too well. In a video shared with patients, the medical director of Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada discussed his journey managing OSA and the non-CPAP treatment option that has proven highly effective – oral appliance therapy. Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Suarez’s personal experience and the solutions his practice provides for alleviating OSA symptoms through a tailored dental sleep medicine approach.  

On average, Dr. Suarez would stop breathing 9-10 times per hour during sleep due to his OSA before treatment intervention. Like many patients, simply knowing the diagnosis was not enough – he needed a solution to properly address his condition. Searching for answers, Dr. Suarez turned to an oral appliance crafted specifically for him by a board-certified dentist. Wearing this customized dental device each night while sleeping helped effectively hold his lower jaw and tongue in a position that opened his airway for unobstructed breathing.

Dr Gill Suarez holding a couple of oral appliances that help with Obstructive Sleep Apnea that he recommends to his patients.

To monitor treatment response, Dr. Suarez employed a peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitor worn on his finger each evening. Commonly called an “O2 ring”, this medical-grade device objectively tracks blood oxygen levels and heart rate during sleep. Analyzing the data, Dr. Suarez saw a clear difference – nights using the oral appliance kept his oxygen saturation firmly in the healthy 90% range compared to dipping into the dangerously low 80s without it. Heart rhythms also remained steadier when treatments were utilized. These objective findings aligned with how Dr. Suarez himself felt upon waking, no longer excessively tired or unrefreshed in the mornings.

Based on his own positive experience, Dr. Suarez now recommends the same type of comprehensive oral appliance therapy program to all his OSA patients. A thorough examination by a dentist trained in dental sleep medicine is conducted to create a custom-fitted oral appliance tailored specifically for each individual’s jaw structure and airway anatomy. Neurophysiologists at Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada then conduct an in-lab polysomnogram, or sleep study, to objectively document the therapy’s response. O2 ring monitoring from home further ensures treatments remain optimally effective over time.

Through this multi-pronged approach combining dental devices, diagnostic testing, and long-term monitoring, Dr. Suarez has seen oral appliance therapy successfully manage even the most severe OSA cases presenting various health risks if left untreated. By keeping airways open for unrestricted breathing all night long, symptoms of excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired cognition, and cardiovascular strain are alleviated. Patients also report dramatically improved quality of life without needing to rely on CPAP therapy.

If you suffer from OSA and are seeking a customized treatment alternative proven to safely and effectively manage symptoms, consider oral appliance therapy. To learn more about how Dr. Suarez and the board-certified dentists at Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada can help you, schedule a comprehensive examination today. Regaining control over your health through non-CPAP options may help you stop living with OSA and start truly living well once again.

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