Sleep Temperature Tricks & Hacks for Every Season

At Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada, it’s our job to make sure you’re getting your zzz’s. And you know what can mess with your sleep? Being too hot or cold! Temp control in your bedroom is important all year round. So today we are sharing our best tips for staying cozy depending on the weather.

Summer nights can be rough with all the sweating. But never fear – there are easy ways to keep cool that don’t involve cranking the AC. First up, choose breathable sheets in natural fabrics like bamboo or cotton. 

They’ll keep air circulating so you don’t get sticky. Speaking of air, a box or ceiling fan on low helps avoid feeling stuffy. 

Another trick is placing a cold compress like a frozen water bottle near your feet. This takes advantage of temperature-regulating veins there without blasting icy air on your face. 

Open windows opposite each other to create cross-breezes too. And if all else fails, invest in a chill sleep mask or earplugs to block out extra light and noise making you overheat.

Winter is tough for different reasons like feeling chilly or dried out indoors. Humidifiers add moisture to prevent waking with sore throats or noses. Crank them more on super dry days. Cozy flannel sheets or a weighted blanket also create comforting warmth without being too heavy. 

Shoulders and extremities are usually our coldest spots, so try Buddy Rest heat packs you just microwave then slip under sheets as needed. They last 8 hours! For chilly feet, slip on socks or slippers and embrace the cozy – just avoid anything too thick that can overheat you. Your body knows what temperature is right.

Hope these tips give you some new sleep hacks to try! As always, check with your doctor if temperature trouble is persistent or interfering with daily life. You deserve quality rest whatever the season, so stay cozy friends!

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