Sleep Apnea in Women - Overlooked Yet Common

As sleep specialists, we know obstructive sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed in women despite prevalence rates nearing men’s according to epidemiological studies.

Let’s raise awareness of this condition’s female presentation and the importance of screening, says our Clinical Director Dr. Khan at Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada.

Quieter snoring misleads many women that gasping breathing cessations occurring as throat muscles collapse during sleep pose no threat.

However, repetitive oxygen dips strain the cardiovascular system and damage cells throughout tissues over time predisposing to stroke and heart attacks.

Daytime drowsiness mistaken for laziness can signify serious breathing disruptions disrupting focus, mood, and relationships. Headaches upon waking likely result from nocturnal blood pressure surges as airways struggle to open.

Changes in sleeping position rarely alleviate symptoms as apnea stems from compromised upper airway tone not just posture.

Excessive weight concentrated around the neck magnifies apnea risk more so in women due to genetic predispositions like smaller airways.

However, even slight overweight with apple body shapes correlates to increased prevalence regardless of size emphasizes dietitian Maya. Menopause hormone fluctuations also relax throat muscles exacerbating airway collapse.

Screening involves completing standardized questionnaires scoring symptoms alongside a sleep study capturing airflows, efforts, and oxygen levels during rest.

At-home tests effectively diagnose most mild to severe cases if monitored by a certified sleep center according to the AASM. Truly personalized treatment like oral appliances, lifestyle changes or CPAP therapy can reverse complications if addressed.

You deserve quality rest free from disruption. Contact us today to discreetly evaluate your symptoms – together we’ll determine an individualized approach to optimizing your health and well-being through every facet of life.

Improved awareness empowers more women to prioritize screening and treatment, preventing needless suffering in silence.

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