Sleep Suggestions and Solutions for the Restless Elders at Our Home

As we age, our body’s natural sleep rhythms tend to evolve in ways that disrupt a good night’s rest for many seniors. However, addressing common changes proactively helps maintain quality of life according to Dr. Gill Suarez of Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada.

The Early Birds:

“Early bird” awakening represents one circadian shift where seniors naturally wake shortly after dawn unable to return to sleep. 

Evolving melatonin production and internal body temperature shifts contribute, as daylight stimulates arousal systems. Gentle pre-bed routines and darkening morning light exposure assist in realigning circadian timing.

Light Sleepers:

Fragmented sleep also impacts many mature adults as they near later decades. Lighter sleep cycles make arousals feel disruptive versus restorative. 

Carefully treating underlying illnesses, limiting liquids pre-bed, and addressing pain or hot flashes support consolidated slumber blocks. 

Bladder Full:

Nighttime bathroom trips further interrupt circadian patterns when bladder control declines. 

Limiting fluids especially caffeine or alcohol after dinner maintains continence. Gentle exercises toning pelvic muscles prolong intervals between trips. 

A happy elderly woman under the bed covers just after waking up from a deep and restful sleep in the morning

Day Nappers:

Naps pose challenges too if taken late or too long, disrupting the nighttime sleep drive. 

Power naps under 30 minutes replenish stored energy and alertness versus hindering nighttime rest. Blackout curtains or eye masks aid daytime relaxation without full circadian shifting.

The Noise Makers:

Snoring and restless legs syndrome increasingly affect seniors as tissues relax with age. Weight gain or medical issues exacerbate airway vibrations. 

Custom-fitted oral appliances or positional therapies relieve symptoms safely without reliance on prescription pills. 

By addressing changes proactively through lifestyle tweaks and natural solutions tailored to individual needs, seniors maintain independent lifestyles supported by quality rest. 

Contact Dr. Suarez’s office for complimentary consultations and customized sleep programs empowering mature minds. With perseverance, fulfilling nights continue well into later years.

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