Seasonal Sleep for Combatting Winter and Summer Disruptors

As sleep specialists, we’re well-versed in seasonal changes impacting circadian health here at Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada. Our bodies evolved attuning to natural light-dark cycles, yet artificial lighting disrupts this innate sensitivity requiring lifestyle adjustments according to research.

In winter, diminished sun exposure delays the body clock as morning darkness persists depressing serotonin levels and energy says a clinical sleep psychologist. Exposure to bright light therapy lamps mimicking summer sun raises dopamine signaling one’s cheery disposition. Gently waking nearer sunrise regulates seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and “winter blues” mood episodes.

The scorching summer sun’s earlier sun rises may cause difficulties falling asleep as light signals wakefulness too proximate to bedtimes according to chronobiologists. Blackout curtains or eye masks promote nightly darkness aligning circadian clocks. Soothing routines calm nerves aggravated by sweat-soaked sheets.

Maintaining consistent wake/sleep cycles proves key to seasonal adaptation, says Dr. Khan. Even on weekends, rise with the sun and practice moderate exposure upon waking and midday if possible through windows. Blue light hinders evening melatonin production, so dim screens by sunset using yellow-tinted lenses or apps after dusk year-round.

Warmer indoor temperatures stimulate activation making cooling necessary for tranquil rest. In winter, bundle cozily without overheating which disrupts natural temperature decreases cueing sleepiness according to research. Humidifiers prevent dry skin and sinuses bettering comfort too.

Bright winter storms and sweltering summer evenings pose challenges. Noise machines or apps mask disruptive sounds. Jot worries in journals releasing mental burdens or try meditations refocusing distractible minds at bedtimes advises therapist Lucy. Light exercise earlier aids natural seasonal rhythms.

With tweaks like these, we support healthy circadian functioning whatever Mother Nature brings. Contact Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada if seasonal disruptions require personalized guidance – together we’ll ensure restful rhythms through life’s changing tides!

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