Saying Goodbye to Snoring Nuisance with Mouth-Taping Therapy!

As one of the most trusted names in sleep medicine, Dr. Gill Suarez understands the many causes behind nighttime snoring that invade a good night’s rest. In a recent video shared with patients, the founder of Suarez Sleep Solutions discussed a simple but highly effective treatment option he commonly recommends – mouth-taping therapy. Let’s explore how this low-cost do-it-yourself solution can help end snoring and ensure an undisturbed night’s sleep.

To first determine mouth-taping viability, Dr. Suarez examines each client’s nasal breathing mechanics using specialized rhinometry equipment in his office. This testing objectively measures nasal airflow and resistance. Provided nasal passages show minimal obstruction at rest, mouth taping serves as an ideal first-line therapy trial. 

What exactly is mouth taping? Dr. Suarez demonstrated the thin, hypoallergenic tape used – a small strip placed over the lips to encourage natural breathing solely through the nose even while sleeping on one’s side or back. By sealing mouth closure, drooping of the tongue and soft palate cannot occur to restrict airflow through the nasal airway, alleviating excessive vibration responsible for snoring sounds.

As Dr. Suarez explained, this practice aligns with the growing biohacking movement where individuals experimentally modify the functions of their own bodies through inexpensive measures. Tapes causing no harm are easily sourced online. His patients report relief after just one trial use without needing to rely on more costly oral appliances or surgeries.

Let’s take a deeper look into the “Snoring Condition”

Causes of Snoring

To fully grasp how mouth taping alleviates symptoms, understanding common snoring triggers proves integral. The leading contributors include structural nasal airway obstructions, excess skin tissue in the throat prone to vibration, and lifestyle habits like sleeping on one’s back. Of particular significance, drooping of the soft palate and tongue can severely restrict airflow traversing the nasal cavity when the mouth hangs open unconsciously at night. This phenomenon represents a primary mechanism mouth-taping therapy directly targets.

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Rhinometry Assessment

To determine if a patient presents as a suitable candidate for mouth taping, Dr. Suarez conducts thorough objective testing in his onsite clinical lab. Rhinometry, the gold standard for nasal examination, produces precise measurements of air pressure, flow rates, and internal geometries within each nasal passage. Blockages stemming from structural deformities, fluid retention, or inflammations become readily apparent. Provided flow remains unimpeded at rest, sufficient nasal breathing capacity exists to support taping.

Application Methodology

When applying therapy himself, Dr. Suarez stressed the importance of utilizing only hypoallergenic materials causing no irritation or harm. The medical-grade paper tape used measures just a few millimeters in width to minimally contact skin. He carefully places a singular small strip directly over the vermilion border where lips meet to hold the jaw closed, while still permitting some room for natural mouth movements during sleep like swallowing or teeth grinding. Proper technique proved vital for maximizing comfort and compliance.

Through monitoring hundreds of clients over time, Dr. Suarez observed mouth-taping benefits even heavy snorers by up to 70% some nights, while becoming completely snore-free on other evenings, all without side effects. He continues experimenting with alternate taping techniques and positions himself to develop the most optimized protocols. 

If concerned about snoring ruining your beauty sleep or relationship, consider testing mouth-taping therapy first under Dr. Suarez’s guidance. Schedule a complementary rhinometry screening with his team to evaluate suitability. Better sleep quality and peace of mind are just a simple strip of hypoallergenic tape away for applicable candidates. With such an accessible preliminary option, say goodbye to nightly snoring annoyance once and for all without pills or other devices.

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