Oral Appliance Therapy and Alternatives to CPAP

For individuals diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea who struggle with CPAP machines, oral appliance therapy provides a viable non-invasive alternative. 

As the sole provider of Prosomnus appliances in Las Vegas, we aim to enhance your understanding of this personalized treatment approach.

Oral appliances—referred to as mandibular advancement devices (MADs)—are customized mouthpieces resembling mouthguards. By gradually advancing the lower jaw during sleep, these devices maintain an open airway, preventing the collapse of throat tissues responsible for sleep apnea episodes. 

Improved breathing and reduced symptoms, including loud snoring, choking sensations, and daytime drowsiness, result from their use. 

Prosomnus appliances undergo rigorous clinical testing and have been shown in multiple peer-reviewed studies to significantly improve sleep quality for those with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. 

By reducing breathing interruptions during slumber, patients report better restful sleep, restored energy levels, and improved overall health compared to leaving sleep apnea untreated. 

As a non-invasive alternative to CPAP therapy, oral appliances offer increased comfort and convenience. They’re portable for travel without bulky equipment, and much quieter to use which enhances the bed partner’s sleeping environment as well. Patients find an improved quality of life without the pressure of CPAP mask placement every night before bed.

The fitting process involves dental impressions and a custom fabrication period to precisely match each patient’s jaw and bite structure. This ensures a comfortable fit with the optimal jaw position determined through an initial in-office titration process. An adjustment phase follows as the mouth adapts, but mild discomfort typically subsides within a few weeks.

Regular follow-up appointments allow our trained dentists to monitor treatment effectiveness and make incremental adjustments as needed over time. 

With consistent use, oral appliances have been shown to reduce AHI scores and resolve snoring and other breathing disturbances during sleep as effectively as CPAP therapy without many of the hassles.

If you’ve struggled to find lasting relief from obstructive sleep apnea but dislike the inconvenience of CPAP, an oral appliance may offer the customized solution you’ve been searching for. 

Contact our practice today to see if a Prosomnus device is right for you and reclaim refreshed, revitalizing slumber naturally.

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