Long-Term Usage Guidelines for Oral Sleep Appliances

For many receiving obstructive sleep apnea treatment through a custom-fitted oral appliance, maintaining optimal long-term outcomes requires diligent care guided by their dental provider. 

As the exclusive specialists offering Prosomnus therapy through Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada, properly caring for your device plays a vital role in its effectiveness over years of use.

Regular follow-up appointments no less than every 6 months allow our team to assess wear patterns, ensuring correct jaw fit and positions still promote complete airway patency throughout maturity. 

Digital scans facilitate monitoring minor adjustments preserving a precise, comfortable seal without irritation. Consistency maximizes restorative sleep maintenance.

At home, daily checks keep the appliance clean and functioning smoothly. Gentle brushing with an antibacterial toothpaste once removed in the morning helps remove plaque, food particles, or film buildup between spaces before storage in its protective case. Avoid using denture cleaners or bleach which could degrade materials.

Proper handling prevents damage – don’t expose devices to extreme temperatures, for example leaving them in hot cars. Carry the case when traveling. Remember to never force the appliance if resistance occurs when putting it in or taking it out, as this could alter the fit. 

See us promptly if saliva flow changes or sore spots emerge for check-ups. 

Replacement ensures continued effectiveness, lasting an average of 3-5 years with excellent care. New impressions will update any changes to jaw alignment from natural shifts. Insurance may cover replacement if medical necessity is documented through follow-up assessments of sleep study results.

Compliance remains key long-term for maintaining positive effects on quality of life. Wear it nightly during total sleep periods to prevent future complications. 

Call us anytime questions arise so we can help optimize your experience with oral therapy through commitment and care. Take charge of health through responsible, long-lasting use!

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