Dental Health Considerations for Oral Sleep Therapies

While oral appliances offer highly effective non-invasive treatment for sleep apnea, it’s important patients partnering with Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada understand how to balance therapy with optimal dental wellness too. As the exclusive provider of customized Prosomnus devices, we aim to help clients achieve both restorative sleep and long-term oral care success.

Regular dental checkups remain important even when using a mandibular advancement mouthpiece. Thorough cleanings catch any early signs of issues like gingivitis so they don’t progress. Our specialists work closely with your general dentist or hygienist to ensure both sleep and dental health are prioritized through communication.

Certain conditions may require pre-treatment correction for best oral appliance outcomes, such as cavities, severe gum disease, or uneven tooth wear. We will address any concerns and clear you once stable before starting orthodontic treatment. Compliance with their recommendations optimizes both your sleep and smile’s well-being.

Minor imperfections aren’t usually a barrier – we can accommodate slight diastemas and missing or crooked lateral teeth. Larger gaps or severely rotated fronts may require prep work first for a comfortable, retentive seal. Extensive restorative dentistry like multiple dental implants typically waits until after orthodontic care.

Proper long-term care sustains both respiratory and dental health gains achieved through integrated treatment. Follow our guidelines for regular professional cleanings, brushing after breakfast to avoid damage from acidic morning mouth, and wearing down protective night guards that could cause harm.

Dental hardware shouldn’t interfere substantially with fit either – fillings, small restorations or non-bulky bridges typically pose no challenge. However extensive crowns/bridgework may require specialized mandibular device designs. We work closely with your dentist to ensure all factors support optimal results.

Catching potential dental issues proactively leads to healthier patient outcomes on both airway patency and oral hygiene fronts. Our goal involves partnering with clients and dental experts every step of the personalized wellness journey. Commitment to dual health maximizes the quality of living over the long haul.

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