Co-Existing Conditions Treated by Oral Appliances

For those living with obstructive sleep apnea, developing additional health concerns as a result of poor sleep quality can seem inevitable without effective treatment.

One prevalent example involves snoring-related issues like bruxism, teeth grinding or jaw clenching many experiences due to disrupted breathing patterns while slumbering.

By stabilizing the lower jaw in a forward position, oral appliances create space for the tongue to relax without obstruction, lessening urges to unconsciously brace the jaw and teeth. Patients often notice drastically reduced bruxism symptoms after just a few nights’ use.

However, as the exclusive Las Vegas providers of Prosomnus oral appliances, we want our patients to understand that mandibular advancement therapy may offer relief beyond just preventing apnea events each night. Research increasingly shows customizable oral devices can also manage certain co-existing conditions.

Similarly, morning headaches commonly caused by repetitive arousals from apnea can improve as breathing normalizes through oral therapy. Studies show tension and migraine frequencies decrease as quality, restorative sleep is restored without disruptions.

Additionally, blood pressure stabilization may occur over time for those with hypertension possibly due to apnea, as oxygen saturation improves and physiological stress eases.

Even gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms like heartburn show evidence of responding favorably to mandibular advancement devices.

The slight upward tilt they impart to the esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter may help reduce acid reflux triggers. Compliance also increases when oral therapy relieves both apnea and bothersome digestive issues according to research.

For patients managing depression, insomnia, or chronic fatigue alongside sleep apnea, oral appliances demonstrate the potential to address underlying sleep deprivation at the root of certain symptoms. As restorative sleep is salvaged each night, mood and daytime function often rebound tremendously. Treating the apnea driver of other conditions improves the quality of life holistically.

If disrupted sleep has left you juggling multiple health concerns, it’s worth exploring how a Prosomnus oral device could streamline care naturally.

Complimentary consultations help us determine if mild to moderate apnea underlies related issues plaguing quality of life so personalized treatment optimizes overall wellness. Don’t resign yourself to a life of poor sleep – contact us today to see if a new solution exists.

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