Bedroom Refresh and Designing a Sleep Sanctuary

As sleep specialists, we know the bedroom plays a large role in sleep quality according to our expertise at Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada. Creating an inviting space optimized for rest promotes better sleep hygiene benefiting one’s health and productivity in the long run. 

Dr. Khan notes that our senses regulate circadian rhythms through stimulation or lack thereof. Begin by checking for light leaks allowing distractions into the bedroom.

Thick curtains or blackout liners block disruptive sunrays according to research. Use houseplants or nature photographs providing pleasant aromatherapy without screens. 

Temperature proves another circadian cue guiding the body between day and night. Most slumber between 60-67°F for optimal sleep onset and duration, so check insulation and consider smart thermostats, says Director Khan. 

Additionally, noise disturbances disturb rest, so assess potential disruptions from traffic, devices, or housewares requiring soundproofing. 

A young couple on a bed in a cozy log cabin bedroom with lights strung up
A young woman crossing her minimalist bedroom that is pristine and has no distractions to disturb normal sleep

Dark walls absorb light which stimulates, while light colors reflect it better mimicking daylight and circadian mechanisms. Use cozy textures like velvet, wool, or Egyptian cotton to promote relaxation. 

Dr Khan vouches for studies that show selecting ideal sleep environments that are restful, yields better results in the long run by preventing physical and mental health issues. 

Our sleep position also informs bedroom design. Side and stomach sleepers benefit from firm mattresses supporting spine alignment to prevent pressure points from troubling rest. 

Back sleepers typically prefer softer surfaces distributing weight evenly, says our chiropractor—Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada tailors personalized solutions through comprehensive consultations. 

Décor plays a role too – images stimulating the mind disrupt sleep. Instead opt for calming landscape photographs, houseplants, textured artwork, or string lights resembling stars inspiring subconscious peace. 

Decluttering removes worry and places for dust to collect so we can rest easy without distraction or allergens 

Scent greatly affects mood – use essential oil diffusers responsibly wafting lavender, chamomile, or frankincense naturally. Partners may require separate blankets for ideal comfort as one prefers weight while another favors breathability. Compromise through separate linens prevents disrupted rest. 

Make beds leisurely unwinding with skincare or books before sleeping. Headphones lend entertainment without light disturbance as screens stimulate rather than soothe. 

The snooze you lose makes all the difference in regaining focus naturally throughout the following days! Refine one’s haven allowing deep restoration as nature intended with Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada’s health-focused guidance.

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