Beating Insomnia: A Story of Perseverance and Restoration

As the founder of Snoring and Sleep Solutions of Nevada, Dr. Gill Suarez has helped thousands overcome sleep disorders that had negatively impacted their quality of life for years. One client’s journey exemplifies the perseverance, customized treatment approach, and sense of renewal that reviving restorative slumber can offer persistent insomnia sufferers.

Joseph, a small business owner in his 50s, struggled with insomnia for over a decade. “No matter what I tried, I could rarely get more than 4-5 hours per night,” he recounts. Joe consistently awoke feeling unrested and irritable, which turned into long workdays and strained relationships. Over-the-counter sleep aids provided only temporary relief before losing effectiveness.

The insomnia began following a traumatic event years prior that Joe never fully processed. Maladaptive thoughts swirling at bedtime triggered perpetual physiological arousal that kept him awake. Bloodwork and examinations identified no underlying medical causes for his disrupted nights either. 

As a last resort, Joe booked an evaluation with Dr. Suarez, hoping an expert could uncover solutions traditional doctors missed. Through in-depth interviews and questionnaires, Dr. Suarez pinpointed Joe’s insomnia stemmed from unaddressed emotional turmoil ramping up at night.

An elderly man lying in bed thinking with warm light around him worrying over lack of sleep

A multi-pronged treatment plan aimed to calm Joe’s overactive mind and body for rest. Cognitive behavioral therapy addresses negative beliefs preventing sleep through relaxation techniques and restructuring routines. Meanwhile, supplements targeted root causes like stress and mild depression exacerbating symptoms. 

To resolve long-term physiological changes from chronic sleep loss, Dr. Suarez recommended short-term prescription sleep aids resetting Joe’s internal clock. After consistent use, Joe saw improvements in how quickly and deeply he fell asleep each night. His mood slowly lifted as well.

Graduating to natural supplements, Joe learned a consistent pre-bed routine featuring meditation, aromatherapy, and limiting screens/stimulation. Seeing progress motivated continuing techniques at home with therapist guidance over video calls.

Within six months, Joe regularly slept 7-8 hours nightly while feeling refreshed daily. Previously insurmountable stressors no longer triggered insomnia’s return either. With restored energy, He reconnected with old hobbies and relationships improved, boosting overall wellness too.

Joseph’s story underscores insomnia as a treatable, multifactorial condition requiring individualized strategies addressing root causes. 

Combined biological, psychological, and behavioral therapies restore habits training the mind and body back into a state of natural, rejuvenating slumber. If persistent lost sleep plagues your days, Dr. Suarez’s customized program could reignite control over healthy nights too.

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