Addressing Claustrophobia and Nasal Congestion with Oral Therapies

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea but struggle with CPAP therapy due to claustrophobia or nasal congestion, an oral appliance may provide an effective alternative treatment worth considering.

As the exclusive Las Vegas provider of Prosomnus oral devices, Snoring & Sleep Solutions of Nevada likes to help you better understand how mandibular advancement therapy can address these common compliance issues and help you finally get relief from disrupted sleep.

For those with mild to moderate sleep apnea, an open and airy oral appliance often feels far less restrictive than a face mask attached to tubing and machinery. Properly fitted over just the front teeth and palate, a Prosomnus device does not enclose the face or apply pressures that exacerbate claustrophobic sensations upon waking in a panic.

Additionally, oral appliances do not rely on nasal breathing pathways as CPAP therapy does. So even if seasonal allergies or nosebleeds aggravate nasal passages, causing the CPAP to feel intensely uncomfortable, an oral device continues functioning just as effectively through the mouth alone.

Many patients report they scarcely notice the appliance once asleep. Some liken the feeling to wearing a retainer rather than a face full of equipment, allowing full range of head and neck motion undisturbed.

This enhanced tolerability leads to more consistent nightly use and better results according to clinical studies.

Regular follow-up care also optimizes the fit over time so any initial awareness of the mouthpiece diminishes. Adjustments prevent soreness from developing. Our goal involves dialing in just the right mandibular positioning for your unique airway using specialized digital modeling and fabrication techniques.

If claustrophobia, nasal issues, or mask intolerance have sabotaged your CPAP compliance to date, it may be time to consider the comfort and lifestyle benefits of treating your sleep apnea naturally through a custom oral appliance instead.

Contact us at Snoring & Sleep Solutions of Nevada to see if Prosomnus therapy provides the viable solution you deserve for restored, rejuvenating slumber every night.

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